Gizmodo Movie Night: The Best Computing, Sci-Fi And Hacking TV Shows And Movies

It's almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, rig up your firewall and turn on all your antivirus programs — these are the best computer and hacking TV shows and movies streaming online right now.

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We've re-jigged our existing Netflix Movie Night series, and brought in Australia's other popular subscription video on demand services — Stan and Presto — to give you a broader selection of movies and TV shows to enjoy. On all three services, you can watch from your tablet or smartphone, on your PC or laptop, through your Smart TV, or through a media streaming dongle like the Google Chromecast, although specifics can vary.

Stan costs a flat $10 per month, Netflix can cost from $9 to $15 per month, and Presto is $10 to $15 depending which package you choose.

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Silicon Valley

Presto: In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success.

Watch it now on Presto.

THX 1138

Presto: In a computerised subterranean world, emotions have been eradicated. When one computer-matched couple discovers love, this perfectly controlled world is turned upside down.t

Watch it now on Presto.

Mr. Robot

Presto: Mr. Robot follows Elliot, a young and brilliant programmer who has perfected the art of computer hacking. Elliot suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder, making hacking into peoples’ lives his only means of human connection.

Watch it now on Presto.

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

Presto: A candid biography of the late innovator Steve Jobs which unravels the mystery of the Apple legend and explains the endurance of his values within the technology industry.

Watch it now on Presto.

Ex Machina

Presto: In this futuristic thriller, a young coder becomes entangled in a bizarre experiment involving the first true artificial intelligence, which comes in the form of a sexy female robot.

Watch it now on Presto.



Stan: John Travolta stars in this action thriller as a charismatic and dangerous CIA operative disillusioned with American bureaucracy, who coerces computer hacker Hugh Jackman, just released from prison, to steal $9 billion from a DEA slush fund.

Watch it now on Stan.


Stan: A neophyte "hacker" becomes the target of the FBI after he unknowingly taps into a high-tech embezzling scheme which could cause a horrific environmental disaster in this suspenseful drama.

Watch it now on Stan.

Ghost In The Shell

Stan: Now featured in stunning high-definition, this edition celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the original manga. It is 2029 and a female cyborg hunts a hacker who robs human of their memories.

Watch it now on Stan.

The I.T. Crowd

Stan: Roy and Moss, two members of their company's tech department, can fix any computer yet lack the people skills to navigate even fundamental social situations. No wonder Denholm, the big boss, tries to keep them sequestered in their basement workspace.

Watch it now on Stan.

The Matrix

Stan: What is The Matrix? No one can concieve it, no one can be told what it is. It has to be seen, to be understood. This is the kind of future you don't dream about.

Watch it now on Stan.


Tron: Legacy

Netflix: While probing his father's disappearance, Sam Flynn lands in a computerized world of enslaved gladiators, where his dad has been living for 20 years.

Watch it now on Netflix.

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Netflix: This probing documentary details what became of Web programming legend and information activist Aaron Swartz after he was charged with computer fraud.

Watch it now on Netflix.

We Are Legion

Netflix: This documentary takes us inside the world of Anonymous, the radical "hacktivist" collective that has defined civil disobedience for the digital age.

Watch it now on Netflix.

The Matrix Reloaded

Netflix: The crew must protect Zion, the last outpost still under human control, after it is pinpointed by the machines responsible for the Matrix.

Watch it now on Netflix.

The Matrix Revolutions

Netflix: The final installment in the Matrix trilogy finds an unconscious Neo trapped in a subway station in a zone between the Matrix and the machine world.

Watch it now on Netflix.

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