Get A Closer Look At The Weird Texture Of The Power Rangers Movie Uniforms

When we first saw the new costumes for the Power Rangers movie, we were a little surprised at just how much like Iron Man armour they looked. This latest, closer look at them doesn't change that — but it also lets us get really close to their strange, shiny texture. So yes, as revealed by this new shot included in USA Today's Comic-Con preview, the new teenagers with attitude don't take their helmets off to reveal their mugs like the old Rangers did — they have Iron Man style visors that move out of the way. It's a little weird, considering that without the facemask and visor the helmets lose a lot of what connected them to the original Mighty Morphin' suits in the first place, but considering how "Iron Man" the rest of the uniforms look, it makes some sense.

What's weird to see now is the actual texture of the armour — it's all sorts of shiny and glittery, rather than the more textured look in the first reveal. The suits kinda look like they're made out of the glossy sheen you'd find on a bowling ball.

Iron Men (and Women) made out of bowling balls. Yeah, that's exactly what I got to when I think of the Power Rangers uniforms.

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