Finally, A New Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card You Can Afford

After the launch of Nvidia's top-of-the-line GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, gamers with deep pockets jumped at the opportunity to buy these new, powerful cards. But at $700 for a 1070 and over $1100 for a 1080 in Australia, a lot of PC enthusiasts simply didn't have the spare cash or disposable income to drop on a new GeForce card. That's why so many people were -- and still are -- keen on AMD's equally new Radeon RX 480, which is barely over $300.

To counter that, Nvidia has a third card to release in 2016, designed to battle that RX 480 on both price and performance. It'll be $US250, and it's faster than last generation's top-end GTX 980: meet the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

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The GeForce GTX 1060 is by far the most affordable of Nvidia's 10-series GTX graphics cards. At US$250, it's still more expensive than the US$199 AMD Radeon RX 480, but it's a lot cheaper than the GeForce GTX 1070's $US379 and GTX 1080's $US599 price points. Especially considering the fact that we've been getting slugged some serious Australia Tax on these cards, too, a cheaper model is a godsend and almost a necessity to compete in the part of the market that most gamers actually spend money in.

The new GTX 1060 uses a new, cut-down processing core compared to the GTX 1070 and 1080; its GP106 processor has 1280 CUDA cores, uses 6GB of GDDR5 memory running at 8GHz -- rather than the faster 10GHz GDDR5X on the 1080 -- and a boost clock of 1.7GHz that can, according to Nvidia, easily be sent north of 2GHz with a bit of overclocking. Power comes in via a single 6-pin connector and the card itself uses just 120 Watts.

Nvidia says the new card is a full 15 per cent faster and over 75 per cent more efficient than "the closest competitive product" at stock speeds, referring to the RX 480 -- which Nvidia pegged at 185 Watts power usage, but which also uses only one six-pin power connector. The company will start selling the Founder's Edition version of the card from July 19 for $US299, and third-party partner boards should appear in Australia soon after. We'll keep you posted.

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    "rather than the faster 10GHz GDDR5X on the 1070 and 1080"

    Doesn't the GTX 1070 use GDDR5?

    I have a 970. Probably not worth the upgrade. These cards will be great.

      1070 uses GDDR5 yes, the 1080 uses GDDR5X, there's not a hell of a lot of difference between the 2. Big difference will be seen with the new Titan iteration

    rather than the faster 10GHz GDDR5X on the 1070 and 1080The 1070 uses the slower GDDR5 memory @8Gbps.

    Just a small correction: The 1070 uses 8GHz GDDR5 just like the 1060 - only the 1060 has a 192-bit bus instead of the 1070's 256-bit one, effectively giving it 3/4 of the bandwidth.

    This looks good, I still think it's going to be a bit too expensive for what it is. New generation cards are supposed to give you faster performance for less money, so I have a hard time seeing what will likely be $400-$500 here as much of a 'deal'. Valid power consumption qualms aside, I paid $420 for a 290X that delivers similar performance 2 years ago.

      The GTX 980 launched about 2 years ago for US$549. This part is reportedly faster, and less than half the price. Is that not what you're after?

      Of course, exchange rates means Aussies end up paying more for a given part now than we did then, but that's not really a problem with the progress of technology.

        Like I said, AMD's 290X was slightly faster in many games and half the price just after the 980 launched. So aside from power consumption, no, I'm not impressed. It's just par for the course with a new generation. I wouldn't expect anything less.

          The 290X was also US$549 when it launched about 2.5 years ago.

          If you got it a lot cheaper, good for you. I'm sure the 1060 will also get cheaper before long, and I'm sure AMD will respond with something even cheaper, if the US$200 RX480 isn't enough. Hard to argue that we're not seeing better value for money though.

          Last edited 09/07/16 11:21 am

    Does it please anyone else that video cards now look like space ships?

    GTX 1070's can be bought cheap enough if you know where to look. I've been holding out on the EVGA 1070 GTX SC edition for ages now and they are finally available. Dropped coin on one last night from Amazon for $600 AUD DELIVERED to my door. They have the best warranty of any video card manufacturer on the market, and are only a few FPS difference against ASUS/MSI/Gigabyte in the grand scheme of things, pretty much all same OC potential due to Nvidia's throttling.

    I'd have thought more would have been made of the low power needs of this new card compared to the 480 which has been recently reported as "sucking excessive power from every source like some kind of rabid electricity vampire" - or something to that effect.

    Still out of my price range. Im a hardcore Nvidia fanboy, But the RX 480 has changed that, $319 for the RX 480 is my sweet spot

      Where is the $300 price tag for the 480 coming from? The prices I've seen start at $419 and go up to about $460. Is the article mixing US and AU prices?

      I wouldn't be too concerned about the power usage of the 480 either, they've just released a new driver which reduces power utilization and improves performance. That said, I'll be very interested to read the reviews comparing these two cards once they start coming through over the next couple weeks.

      There seem to be a bunch of places reporting the 1060 as "faster than the 980" which seems a little unlikely since the 1070 was faster but not by a huge margin. Makes me wonder if they're cherry picking a couple tests at specific (low) resolutions.

        $319 is for the 4GB model. The prices you have are for the 8GB models. PCCG has the 4GB models

        Last edited 09/07/16 12:09 am

          Ah nice. I hadn't seen any of the 4GB models (I mainly check Umart and MSY).


        You can get the 8 GB sapphire version of the card from amazon shipped to Australia for a total cost of $345

          That's US price, I just checked shipping is another $16.50 (that's inside US, it's more to Oz). So price on the card is $345. That translates to $455 AU. Add in shipping it's about $500.

    the GeForce GTX 1070’s $US379 and GTX 1080’s $US599 price points.

    Has a single vendor actually sold any at these price points??

      pc case gear have the xfx for $399 for the black oc version down to $319 for the 4 gig(but probably a unicorn) all the other companies sapphire gigabyte asus msi are gouging

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