Final Fantasy Makers Announce Apple Watch Exclusive Game

Final Fantasy Makers Announce Apple Watch Exclusive Game

Square Enix has a curious relationship with mobile gaming. It has games on both Android and iOS. They’re very good games. Some are even updates of some of the best games ever made. But they are ridiculously expensive games. Chrono Trigger, which is one of the most engaging RPGs ever pixellated, goes for $15. Final Fantasy Tactics, the best strategy RPG currently on mobile devices, goes for an outrageously high $21.99. So one can only assume that the new Apple Watch-only game will cost a relative fortune.

Image: Square Enix

There aren’t a lot of details on the game beyond a name, Cosmos Rings, which leaves us ruminating on what an Apple Watch RPG would even be. Currently there are very few games available and most, like Lifeline (the best Apple Watch game) are just hamstrung variants of phone games. There’s been no mention of Android Wear so Android fans might be out of luck.

Square Enix has done a great job adapting its old games to the mobile platform (which sometimes takes the sting out of those app prices). So we can expect more of the same with Cosmos Rings: Gorgeous graphics, possible reliance on GPS (it’s no mistake that the game is being announced at the height of Pokemon GO madness), some sort of game mechanic involving tapping or doodling on the Apple Watch’s screen and, naturally, a really high price.

Start saving your change now fellow Apple Watch owners.