Elon Musk Teases A Secret Tesla ‘Master Plan’

Elon Musk Teases A Secret Tesla ‘Master Plan’

The buss hasn’t entirely died from that fatal Tesla crash in May 2015, or the one that happened this week, but Elon Musk is already looking ahead.

The Tesla CEO tweeted Sunday that he’s working on a “Tesla Masterplan, Part 2” that he hopes to share in the next few days.

The tweet is probably a reference to the original Tesla Masterplan, a blog post from a decade ago, titled “The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)” — well, if “just between you and me” means the many, many readers that Musk had even back then. In that post, Musk first discussed the cars that became the Tesla 3 sports sedan and Tesla S four-door car.

There’s no further clue as to what “part two” might entail, but Musk probably hopes it’s exciting enough to make everyone forget about all the bad Tesla news recently. Just this past week, there was another Tesla crash while the car was on autopilot, regulators started investigating the original incident, and people began wondering whether the Autopilot feature has a dangerous blind spot.

Even with that crash aside, Tesla made a bid for solar-energy company SolarCity that nobody liked and shipments to customers have fallen in the past three months. Whatever Elon might have up his sleeve with this “secret plan,” let’s hope it’s good.

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