CNN Turk Facebook Live Feed Taken Over By Military As Coup Attempt Continues

CNN Turk has been allegedly forced to halt their coverage of the coup in Turkey after soldiers vacated the studio. Photo: CNN Turk Twitter

According to The Guardian, a group of soldiers landed at the Dogan Media Center, where the studios of CNN Turk are located, and entered the studio, forcing anchors out of their chairs and workers out of the building. The station was providing updates via its Twitter feed. Gawker reported that journalists resisted, and several people were heard screaming on air.

According to Borzou Daragahi, a BuzzFeed reporter in the Middle East, one journalist was shot in the takeover.

At one point, the Facebook live feed showed an empty desk and chair, but a CNN worker has since returned. Viewers can hear the sounds of crowds chanting from outside the studio.

It's not just CNN that has been hit. Other Instanbul-based publications have been forced to stop operations by the military. Emre Kizilkaya, an Istanbul-based journalist who works for the Hurriyet Gazetesi, said that soldiers entered the building and have taken some of his colleagues as hostages.

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