Check Out Brooklyn’s Big-Arse Captain America Statue

Check Out Brooklyn’s Big-Arse Captain America Statue
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Fun fact about the recently announced, 4m tall statue of the Brooklyn’s favourite (fictional son): It’s not actually in Brooklyn at the moment.

The statue is being revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, of course, and then will be shipped across the country to debut in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on August 10. Here it is in all its star-spangled glory:

Another fun fact: Only the movie Captain America was born in Brooklyn. The Steve Rogers of the comics was born in Manhattan, meaning this is a statue specifically of a five-year-old movie character, but which celebrates 75 years of a comic character, who was actually born across the East River. I assume that, much like Cap’s recent dalliance with hailing Hydra, that the reality-altering Cosmic Cube is behind this strange turn of events.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the statue will spend August in the park, then September at the Barclays Center, ending up at Sunset Park in October. There will also be an exclusive Captain America comic released at Comic-Con, in which Cap basically hangs out with his own statue:

Seeing as that’s classic Marvel comics Nick Fury, this is clearly set in some portion of the comics continuity. So, question: Why is comic Captain America, who was born in Manhattan, fighting next to a statue of himself that claims he’s “just a kid from Brooklyn” when he absolutely isn’t? This is so messed up, you guys, and that’s before we start wondering why SHIELD is trying to kill Cap. Is this comic happening while Cap thinks he’s a Hydra agent? Because that’s going to make this shiny new statue pretty awkward.

Originally posted on Kotaku.