Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier To Catch Pokemon

If you're struggling to build your Pokemon posse because your Pokeballs are curving all over the place, Jon Cleaver has created a simple but brilliant iPhone case that serves as a guide for your finger to keep launches dead-straight, and vastly improve your monster capturing skills in Pokemon GO.

Is it cheating? Who cares? This isn't a relaxing afternoon game of Scrabble we're talking about. This is Pokemon GO. One day elections will probably be decided by who leads the most gyms, and if you don't start stockpiling your pocket monsters now, you'll be a nobody in a few years.

So head over to My Mini Factory where you can download the plans for this Pokeball aimer for free. You'll just need to supply the 3D printer, and an iPhone 6 since that's the only smartphone it's designed to fit.

[My Mini Factory]

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