'Batman' Arrested In Seattle After Throwing An Actual Batarang At Police

Image: Seattle Police Department

It doesn't take a genius to realise that a lot of Batman's cool weapons and gadgets would be failures in real life. Shark repellent would top the list of course, but the batarang wouldn't be far behind. That didn't stop a 23-year old gentleman in the US from recently trying.

According to a statement from the Seattle Police Department, the man initiated events after he "threatened a bouncer with a homemade spear". The police were called, forcing the assailant to make good his getaway.

Well, he made an attempt at least, deploying his special weapon in the process:

At one point during the pursuit, officers witnessed the man throw something toward a police SUV. A short time later, after catching up to the 23-year-old suspect in the 800 block of East Denny Way, officers discovered the object the man had thrown was a "a sharp, black Batman-style throwing star," which had embedded in the lower front end of a patrol SUV.

Image: Seattle Police Department

Unsurprisingly, the attack was not super-effective and the guy was arrested. I'm guessing he was probably not in the healthiest of mental states — I hope he gets help he needs.

[SPD Blotter, via Geekologie]

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