Australia's Fun Police Want 'Drift Mode' Disabled In The New Ford Focus RS

Australia’s fun police are reeling over the Ford Motor Company’s latest hot hatch which comes standard with a ‘Drift Mode’.

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

The driver setting is designed to allow the car to go sideways in a controlled manner much easier.

The local authorities and safety lobby groups however aren’t having a bar of it. As the first car manufacturer to ever feature this mode in a production car, Australian police are convinced that the new 2016 Ford Focus RS will encourage hoons to try this feature on public roads whilst endangering other motorists.

The rally-inspired technology in Ford’s new car works by modifying the torque distribution in the all-wheel-drive system to send more power to the rear wheels. More specifically, extra torque is sent to the outer-rear wheel to cause the car to lose traction and slide.

The Focus RS is currently on sale in Australia and comes with a driver warning that such a feat should only be tried on the race track. A further statement from Ford reiterated that: “Drift mode is targeted for track use only – a disclaimer appears on (the instrument) cluster when switching modes. We believe the drift and track modes are appropriate for racetracks, and that typical Focus RS customers will understand the need to deploy these features under controlled and safe conditions such as during a track day.”

Harold Scruby who is a road safety campaigner for the Pedestrian Council of Australia disagrees. He told that he was “absolutely stunned” that the technology was approved for use in Australia.

“A disclaimer is not going to stop an idiot from trying this on public roads,” said Scruby. “We urge Ford to reconsider its decision, recall these vehicles and disable this driving mode. Ford cannot absolve itself from its duty of care to road users and its customers with a disclaimer in the dashboard.”

Australia currently boasts some of the world’s strictest road rules and speed limits are heavily governed by massive fines and loss of license. Those caught drifting in most states can have their cars confiscated along with a 12-month ban for drivers.

Regardless it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to stop the popularity of the Ford Focus RS amongst local enthusiasts.

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

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    Naming issue. Could have been named "track mode" and no one would have noticed, but the marketing wouldn't have been as effective.

    Lots of existing RWD sports cars have a drift mode engagement button as well - AKA accelerator pedal.

    Last edited 21/07/16 4:26 pm

    if its disabled it can be re enabled with right tools... some1 trying to justify their job again

      Just like the burnout launch locker in the mustang.

    Funny how they didn't say shit all about the Toyota 86 which was basically designed to go sideways at low speeds. Fuck Australia is a nanny state.

    Harold Scruby is a pest.

    Fun fact: He has said that headphones should be banned because pedestrians may walk into traffic and get hit by a bus because they aren't listening.

    This is also only their second statement regarding road safety since 2012. Relevant.

      Harold Scruby fronts "The Pedestrian Council of Australia" which is made up of... Harold Scruby.

      If newspapers and websites would stop quoting him, the clueless twat would probably just disappear back into the obscurity he so richly deserves.

      Didn't he hit a pedestrian drink driving?

        He intentionally ran over a jogger whom he had an argument with. He was driving a nice white mercedes benz at the time.

        He did. No mention he was drink driving, but he was clearly road ragin',27080&hl=en

          It's one of those born again Christian type things though, you can't use it against him, because it's just another reason he's found a "new way".

    Cars and their drivers cause 1000+ deaths and 30,000+ serious injuries a year. If a safety group was really concerned with safety then they should demand that cars be banned.

      You know they're already advocating things like 30k speed limits and restricting car access altogether in certain areas. So don't joke about it, it might come true :(

    They don't sound like the Fun Police! They sound like the regular police too me. I haven't met the Fun Police yet. They're probably out having fun I guess.

    Most modern luxury cars have this feature. Its called turning off traction control.

      exactly! how the fuck has this blown out of control so badly.. What a joke

    I'm trying to understand why a mode like this exists, besides from the thrill factor, what is it's purpose? And why would you spend development time and money into creating such a mode?

      Q: "...why a mode like this exists..."
      A: Getting it sideways on track days.

      It's the reason people have shares in companies like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Yokohama, etc.

      Given you can't flog a car like this on the street legally in the first place, why is having a track mode so hard to believe?

    Thank God Mitsubishi called theirs AYC (Active Yaw Control) and Honda's, in the Legend, SH-AWD (Super Handling- All Wheel Drive).

    I like the look of this car, don't care of drift mode or track mode but it looks like a nice car to drive.

    With all this scrutiny about the Drift Mode, it's just made it more desirable. If it's disabled, there will be a hack to defeat it before you exit the dealership.

    I can understand the concern, Although most rear or all-wheel drive cars can drift by merely turning off traction control which in most modern cars is an option having a button that specifically says "drift mode" is only going to encourage 20 something's to try it and it will not be on closed circuits.

    Does Jeremy Clarkson write the headlines now?

    Ford must be quietly loving all the free marketing and publicity from this

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