Army Of Darkness Will Be Part Of Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s Second Season

Army Of Darkness Will Be Part Of Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s Second Season

Good news, you primitive screwheads: At last week’s Ash vs. Evil Dead press room, executive producer Rob Tapert confirmed that cult classic Army of Darkness would play a part in the show’s second season.

Why was it left out of season one? Simply because it would have been odd, story-wise, to shoehorn references to Ash’s time-travelling adventure into the unfolding events of the show. Now that the story’s been established, Ash can finally start talking about the time he took a trip to medieval Europe.

“So, Army of Darkness is owned by MGM, and we just never had a chance to properly reference it in the first season,” Tapert explained. He went on:

I read somebody’s online thing, ‘Oh look, they’re only pulling from these two [Evil Dead] movies.’ This season, we do bring up Ash’s events in Army of Darkness, and reference it. It was more that there wasn’t a place for it in our storytelling that we needed to talk about that. If he started blabbing to these shop clerks about, ‘Yeah, I went back to the Middle Ages and did all these things,’ [it would just be exposition]. But that is in his memory bank, and he’s going to pull it out at the appropriate time.

In even better news, it appears that a fourth Evil Dead movie may still be a possibility. “Nothing’s off the table,” Tapert said. “We’re thinking about what that could be, and who that would please. Sam [Raimi] talked for many years, teasing the world that we were going to make Evil Dead 4. And that kind of turned into a TV series. Now Bruce [Campbell] and I are going, ‘Well, there’s a possibility of a movie here.'”