A New Rogue One Trailer Is Coming Next Week

A New Rogue One Trailer Is Coming Next Week

Star Wars fans have long suspected that our next glimpse at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would come on July 15. That’s when a panel on the film takes place at Star Wars Celebration in London, so a trailer felt inevitable. Now, we have confirmation that it’s coming — and it will be on TV too.

Making Star Wars found the following image in TV listings for next week, which says that a new Star Wars special airing on America’s ABC on July 15 will include the world premiere of a three-minute Rogue One trailer.

Now, if that’s going to air on ABC at 8:00PM EST in the United States (July 16 at 10:00AM AEST), odds are most of us will have already seen it by then. The Rogue One panel at Celebration is at 4:00PM GMT, which is 11:00AM EST or July 16 at 1:00AM AEST. Based on last year’s Celebration, odds are the trailer will debut there and then go online immediately after.

You also have to wonder, what is this Secrets of the Force Awakens show? It can’t just be the DVD extra, can it?

We’ll be on the ground at Celebration next week to bring you not just the trailer, but all the other information on Rogue One, Episode VIII, Rebels and the Han Solo movie.

[Making Star Wars]