Your Terrible Spotify Habits Are About To Ruin Your Sex Life

"Hmm, should I listen to this Barenaked Ladies song again?" you ask yourself. "Yeah, sure, why not, it's not like my future partners are going to see it." Think again! In what is sure to delight music snobs and terrorise Justin Bieber fans everywhere, users of the dating app Bumble will now be able to connect their profile to their Spotify account. The opt-in feature is rolling out over the next few weeks, and will allow potential matches to see which artists the user listens to the most.

According to the companies, the integration "not only gives Bumble users a peek into the music preferences of their potential connection, but also provides an easy conversation starter". Ah, yes. Please, tell me more about your love of the Dave Matthews Band.

While it might sound terrifying to let someone into the depths of your musical consciousness before you even meet them, a feature like this is actually quite useful: Better you find out now that he or she likes Hootie and the Blowfish rather than three dates later when "Let Her Cry" comes on right as you're about to get it on. Plus, apps like Tinder already have integration with Instagram, which is a similar way to get an idea of your potential suitor without relying on what is surely their bullshit profile.

If you must hide some of your preferences, however, don't worry too much — a Spotify spokesperson assured us that private Spotify sessions don't count toward the top artist tally.

For now, it's only Bumble, but really, this should be a requirement for every dating service. I'm not dating you if your music sucks. Sorry.

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