Would You Spend $70,000 On This Slo Mo Guys Painting?

Would You Spend $70,000 On This Slo Mo Guys Painting?

The Slo Mo Guys create some of the most YouTube-y videos out there. Their shtick involves shooting and smashing things and filming them in slow motion, which is what online videos are all about really (besides cats).

Courtesy: eBay

But now they’re doing something a bit different. In a recent video, members Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy smashed a bunch of spray paint cans onto canvas. Their high-speed camera captured the effects at 2,500 frames per second.

The result was a painting that is up for sale on eBay. All of the proceeds will go to the Extra Life gaming charity.

At the time of this writing, the highest bid is for $US70,120 ($93,839) and there are eight days left.

The sheer size of this bid, that is expected to only get larger, shows the power of smashing things with sledgehammers on YouTube (the channel has over 8 million subscribers, after all). The fact that there are some out there willing to spend thousands to have a piece of that is just more evidence of that power, but also what people with that much of a fanbase can do for charity.