What 4G Bands Does The OnePlus 3 Support?

We've reviewed "the best cheap phone you can buy", even dubbing it a flagship killer — but there's a bit of a snag for some Aussies getting the most out of the new handset.

Once used for our analog TV network, LTE Band 28 is the 700 MHz spectrum essential to both Optus and Telstra's next generation LTE networks. And the OnePlus 3 doesn't support it.

This comes on top of the news that the OnePlus 3 isn't shipping outside of the US — yet.

According to Ausdroid, here's what bands are and aren't used by the Oneplus 3 LTE spectrum:

Band Telstra Optus Vodafone
1 Used Used Not used
3 Used Used Used
5 Not used Not used Used
7 Used Used Not used
28 Not supported Not supported Not used
40 Not used Used Not used

So if you're a Vodafone user, you'll likely have full access. All the 3G bands are there, so worst case scenario on other networks is it will affect your LTE coverage — depending on what technology is being used in your area.

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