Watching A SpaceX Rocket Land On A Drone Barge Never Gets Old

We usually see rocket launches and landings from above. But there's something about seeing the whole thing happen from the ground-up that's just so much better. SpaceX just put up a little video clip showing its latest rocket landing from the perspective of the Of Course I Still Love You drone barge. It's a solid landing, and the rocket doesn't seem to be in any danger of tipping, either in the video footage or the high-resolution photo sequence that you can see below.

But, check out this alternate view of the rocket as it came into port:

Yep, there's a definite tilt to the rocket.

That's because this particular rocket came in unusually hot and fast when it returned, after dropping off a communications satellite. SpaceX's Falcon rocket series uses a crush core inside the landing legs to absorb extra energy when the rocket touches down — and the geostationary orbit this rocket was returning from left it with plenty of extra energy to burn.

All images via SpaceX flickr.

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