Watch AMD's Computex 2016 Press Conference Live

At 12PM today, AMD will share its response to Nvidia's new GeForce graphics cards, and its response to Intel's new CPUs. We'll see the official launch of AMD's new seventh-generation A-Series APUs, and the company's brand new Polaris graphics architecture.

The press conference kicks off at 12PM (AEST) Sydney time, which is 10AM in Taipei where the event is being held. We'll share the live-stream link when it becomes available, but you can also hit up and; until then, here are some things that we know so far. Update: Hit up the YouTube video above!

The Wall Street Journal reports that AMD's Polaris cards could be priced at as little as $US199, a far cry from Nvidia's $US379 and $US599 GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080. That's a very aggressive price point, and might work to either drive the price of Nvidia's cards down or open up a new market where even cheaper PCs can handle modern games and VR at high frame rates.

And AMD's new APUs, too, are getting a good rap after their 'pre-announcement'. The efficient new laptop chips chips that combine a moderately powerful CPU and similar GPU in a single silicon die outperform Intel's integrated graphics, and even rival AMD's older desktop-grade APUs while consuming significantly less power and producing less waste heat.

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