Video Perfectly Skewers The Arseholery Of OK Go

Video Perfectly Skewers The Arseholery Of OK Go

Video: No one is impressed by your dumb choreographed videos, OK Go. It’s old. It’s masturbatory. You’re hurting yourselves and the people closest to you, and you need to stop. AJJ’s new video for “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” takes a massive, steaming dump on the hallmarks of mad-vi internet band OK Go: There’s synchronised dancing (walking in place), balls from a ball pit (potentially stolen?), matching clothes (possibly inspired by The Wiggles) and a man in a chicken suit who does almost nothing. And it was all shot in one exhausting take which demands you to consider the technical prowess involved in making such a remarkable piece of adver-tainment.

If the parody isn’t vicious enough, wait for the behind-the-scenes interviews after the video, where every member of the cast and crew celebrates the Artist Achievement that is “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” — sponsored by Soylent, which also desperately needed to be taken down a peg.

Thank you for so deftly saying what we’ve all been thinking since “Here It Goes Again”.

Author’s note: The views expressed in this post are solely mine. AJJ are nice people who harbour no ill-will towards OK Go or anyone else as far as I am aware.