Twitter Can Show You Where To Vote (And Pick Up A Democracy Sausage)

2016 Federal Election Day (AKA Democracy Sausage Day) is looming, and the toughest choice to make may very well be if you head to the polling booth with the best gourmet snags, or the sweet cake stall?

Twitter has made it a personal mission to help solve the dilemma, teaming up with Proxima to take the guesswork out of where to vote by tweeting you not only your local polling station, but which have your favourite election day treats.

Image: Shutterstock

To work out where to vote you simply send a Tweet asking where to vote to @AusPolling, including the #AusVotes hashtag. Like this:

You'll get a reply showing you not only your closest polling booth, but if they have the tasty sausage and cake treats you seek.

You'll need to have location services turned on for the tweet to work.

Twitter is also appealing for help to improve the number and quality of polling locations on its database. If you are running or know of a polling station near you that is hosting a BBQ or cake stall on election day, you can add details on the Twitter blog.

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