This Video Shows Why You Shouldn't Turn Your Back On A Big Cat

This Video Shows Why You Shouldn't Turn Your Back on a Big Cat

We've all seen the videos of people who keep tigers or panthers as pets in their homes, or of these animals playing, and it's easy to forget that these large animals are some of the most deadly predators out there.

Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida is an educational non-breeding sanctuary that takes in abused and abandoned lions, tigers and other large felines. It has put together a video that shows why you shouldn't turn your back on one of these creatures: it could be the last thing you do.

This helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of a trick that people living and working near a tiger preserve in India had taken up: wearing a mask on the back of their head, which helped to deter tiger attacks during the late 1980s.

To be fair, this advice probably applies to your house cat as well. I've caught my own sneaking up on me more than once.

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