The Sydney Science Festival Will Feature Brian Cox, Indigenous Knowledge

Some of the world's leading names in science including Australia's hottest scientist, Dr Alan Duffy, British physicist Brian Cox, Genspace co-founder and director, New York's Dr. Ellen Jorgensen, Australian favourite, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki will feature at The Sydney Science Festival from Thursday 11 to Sunday 21 August.

The full program is now available and boasts over 130 talks, panels, displays with everything from Indigenous knowledge to a a visit from the large hadron collider (sort of).

Now in its second year, the Sydney Science Festival is led by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), in collaboration with museums, galleries, universities, businesses, scientists, engineers and community organisations across greater Sydney, to deliver a vibrant 11-day program as part of National Science Week.

"Last year’s festival saw more than 39,000 science fans attend over 130 events, and we are looking forward to this year being event bigger," said MAAS Director, Dolla Merrillees. "The program presents the opportunity to engage with the science of the everyday through to cutting-edge research and scientific discoveries."

The Powerhouse Museum will be open after dark on Thursday 11 August for MAASive Lates: Science to launch the Sydney Science Festival and celebrate National Science Week . This free, adults-only event will be hosted by special guest Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith featuring festival ambassador, Dr. Alan Duffy, and includes an entertaining and practical night of science-inspired activities, presentations, performances and music.

A festival highlight, the Collider exhibition will open during the festival, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) particle physics laboratory in Geneva that houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is most famous for proving the existence of the Higgs boson, otherwise referred to as the 'God Particle'.

Professor Brian Cox will explore of some of the universe's great unanswered questions in A Journey into Deep Space. Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever know what happened before the Big Bang? What was the origin of Life on Earth?

A welcome new event in the program is BAHFest, an evening of wit and horrendous inaccuracies, as brave speakers face a panel of real experts, who will judge their BAH-D scientific theories for the BAHFest trophy and nonsensical glory. Hosted by Alex Lee, best known for The Chaser's Election Desk and The Checkout, with a special appearance from Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Genspace co-founder and director, Dr. Ellen Jorgensen joins a panel of experts for a free public discussion in Biohacking: Why should we care?

The Winning Sky Photos exhibition showcases top entries from the David Malin Awards, an annual photo competition for amateur astronomers and photographers.\

The Sydney Mini Maker Faire returns for a fourth year of all things invention, creativity and community. The two-day faire provides an opportunity for Sydney’s best Makers, from a wide range of disciplines, to showcase their creations to the public. From metal casting to Arduino coders and 3D printing designers, share in the wonder of invention with passionate Makers from across NSW.

The Australian Museum opens its doors and brings science to life for the entire family for Super Science Saturday. Discover the science behind the museum with live animal shows, hands-on experiments and lectures. Get set for some outdoor fun with Science in the Swamp at Centennial Park. \

Pat a carp, play with some science toys in the outdoors or learn about venomous snakes, Science in the Swamp is a Festival favourite with little ones relishing in a range of fun activities.

Parramatta Park gets slimy when The Secret Life of Eels kicks off a day of eel exploration.

Family fun continues with The Indigenous Science Experience at Redfern Community Centre, a day centered on demonstrating the value of traditional and contemporary Indigenous knowledge in science and technology.

NASA's New Horizons journalist Amy Shira Teitel makes science relatable and encourages people to think about science and the universe in an accessible way. Join her in Amy Shira Teitel Talks Science, on Thursday 18 August 6pm, Powerhouse Museum.

The full Sydney Science Festival program is available online.

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