The HBO Now App Is Down Everywhere And People Are Panicking

The HBO Now App Is Down Everywhere and People Are Panicking

It's not just you. HBO Now, the app that lets people watch HBO shows as soon as they're live on broadcast TV, isn't working. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES?

AU Editor's Note: Now, you're not technically supposed to be able to use the HBO Now app in Australia. But I know plenty of people that do, either through a VPN or a proxy workaround. Let this post be a public service announcement to anyone that might be angry that they can't watch Game of Thrones live and streaming right now... — Cam

About 10 minutes ago my wife and I sat down to watch Game of Thrones on our Apple TV via the HBO Now app. I restarted our router, thinking that maybe it was our internet. But it's not just us. I took a quick peek at Twitter and boy, are people mad.

What does HBO expect us to do right now? Sit and stare at each other? Talk about things and stuff? This won't stand. I need to learn what happened with Gandolf's dragon prince magic staff, or whatever's going on right now. (I only half-watch Game of Thrones, if we're being totally honest here.)

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