The 50 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments In Comic-Book Movie History

The 50 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments In Comic-Book Movie History

There have been hundreds of movies based on comic-books, going back to the earliest days of both media. And that cinematic flood has come with a certain amount of “holy crap, what was that” moments. Here are the 50 most shudder-inducing comic-book-movie moments.

1. Batman and Robin: The Bat-credit card.

2. X-Men: Storm asks Toad if he knows what happens to a toad that’s struck by lightning.

3. Superman II: Superman throws his “S” shield

4. Judge Dredd: His awful delivery of “I AM THE LAW.” (Plus the whole “taking off his helmet” thing)

5. Catwoman: The infamous basketball scene

6. The Dark Knight Rises: We learn John Blake’s real first name

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron: Bruce faceplants into Natasha’s breasts “in a move straight out of the shittiest sort of harem anime.”

8. Steel: Pretty much any scene where he runs around in that god-awful costume.

9. Spider-Man 3: The inexplicable “omelette dancing” scene

10. Man of Steel: Superman asks a random priest for advice

11. Howard the Duck: Duck boobs.

12. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Reed Richards’ dance scene

13. Daredevil: the terrible schoolyard fight scene

14. Superman IV: “Wall-rebuilding vision”. WHAT?

15. Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax calls Gamora a “whore”

16. Batman Forever: It’s the car, right?

17. Blade Trinity: You made a goddamn vampire pomeranian? Plus everything involving Dracula.

18. Watchmen: Nite Owl and Silk Spectre have sex in the Owlship to Leonard Cohen

19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder pops out knives. And then knives pop out of the knives

20. Spider-Man: The campy gang of thugs that surround Mary Jane

21. Green Lantern: Hector Hammond sees Carol Ferris at a party and sniffs her hair.

22. Superman Returns: Superman spies on Lois Lane using his superpowers.

23. Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro plays “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by whacking Spider-Man into the electrical grid

24. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Stryker shoots Wolverine in the head to erase his memories.

25. Men in Black 3: Emma Thompson’s funeral speech

26. Spider-Man 3: the Jazz dance sequence

27. Batman Returns: Batman has his own Bat-CD player that lets him “scratch” a CD back and forth like a vinyl record.

28. Ang Lee’s Hulk: The Hulk punches a gamma-mutated poodle in the junk.

29. Superman: The Movie: Superman flies Lois Lane through the air, and she recites a tone poem, “Can you read my mind?”

30. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The moment where Sean Connery says “God save the Queen” Or the whole ending, really.

31. Avengers: Age of Ultron: Tony Stark jokes about droit du seigneur.

32. X-Men: The Last Stand: I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!

33. Superman III: The “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” traffic icons come to life and fight each other, because of Richard Pryor’s supercomputer

34. Spawn: Just pick a John Leguziamo moment, basically

35. The Mask: Cuban Pete

36. Spider-Man 2: Mary Jane kisses ex-astronaut John Jameson, who says, “I’m back on the Moon. Are you there with me?”

37. The Crow: The “Brandon Lee puts on his makeup while listening to the Cure” scene.

38. Jonah Hex: Megan Fox decides on a numerical order for all of Jonah’s scars

39. Man of Steel: Pa Kent tells Clark he should have let a schoolbus full of kids drown.

40. Batman and Robin: This sequence showing close-ups of the awful costumes

41. Supergirl: The “construction vehicle comes to life” scene

42. Superman II: Superman’s memory-erasing kiss

43. Batman: The extended “Partyman” dance sequence has not aged well.

44. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: They sewed Deadpool’s mouth shut! He looks ridiculous.

45. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter learned to be a ninja from a book he found in the garbage.

46. Catwoman: The scene where she goes to a fancy bar in her ridiculous costume and orders cream.

47. Punisher: Frank fights the Russian, while the neighbours get their opera on

48. X-Men: First Class: Havok’s “hula hoops”

49. Batman and Robin: What killed the dinosaurs

50. Superman IV: Pretty much the entire fight scene with Nuclear Man.

Anything we missed? The Wonder Woman guitar from Batman vs Superman? The Apocalypse makeup in the latest X-Men?

Correction: An earlier version of this article said we learned John Blake’s middle name. In fact, we learned his real first name. Also, an earlier version of this list included a Hellboy scene instead of a Spider-Man scene.