Supergirl Is Adding Some Very Intriguing Comic Book Characters To Its Second Season

Supergirl is already bringing in the big guns in its first season on the CW with the arrival of the Man of Steel himself onto the scene (finally). But the season will also bring to life quite a few more familiar supporting characters from the comics. TV Line is reporting on casting calls for five new characters to join the show — three of which come right out of the comics. Here's the list of new additions, two series regulars and three recurring roles:

  • Lena Luthor, Lex's sister and described as escaping to National City to get out of her brother's shadow (as well as the standard strong female character descriptor of "sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants").
  • Nick Farrow, a journalist and son of a famous reporter. Farrow ruffles Kara's feathers at Catco but finds "the hero in [himself] might come out" the more time he spends with her.
  • Maggie, a lesbian detective heading up a metahuman-focused branch of the National City Police. She seems to be a version of Maggie 'Maggs' Sawyer from the comics, best known for her long-term relationship with Kate Kane (AKA Batwoman) which was controversially ended by DC before the pair could marry.
  • Snapper Carr, a former Justice League sidekick in the comics but an "old school" reporter in the Catco news division.
  • The Doctor, a mysterious character who is the villainous female lead scientist on Project Cadmus (who could be comics character Serling Roquette).

Come on, Supergirl. If you could somehow introduce Maggie's fiancée Kate on screen and then be lucky enough to turn her into Batwoman — this is very unlikely, but let me dream — that would be amazing.

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