Stargate: SG-1 Producer Goes On Behind-The-Scenes Reveal Spree

Perhaps prompted by the recent news that Stargate will be getting a reboot in movie form, Stargate: SG-1 writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi has started posting production notes and concept art from the long-running series. Keen for some behind-the-scenes insight? Now's your chance.

Images: Joseph Mallozzi

About a month ago, Mallozzi began submitting regular content to the Stargate sub-reddit. It started with articles from his personal blog, but this soon changed to direct posts containing concept art, production notes on episodes and other interesting tidbits.

Mallozzi has also been actively answering loads of questions posed by fans on /r/Stargate, so if you've been curious about some aspect of the show (including spin-offs Atlantis and Universe), this is really your best chance at enlightenment.

No doubt Mallozzi's renewed Stargate activity will draw people to his current venture, Dark Matter, which is enjoying a second season on the Space channel.


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