Star Wars, Batman, And The Avengers Get Gorgeous Infographics In A New Show

Star Wars, Batman, And The Avengers Get Gorgeous Infographics In A New Show

Everyone loves a good infographic. You see them constantly as you pop around the internet and yet, would you ever hang one on your wall? These you would. Three artists have combined to do a full gallery show of infographics based on your favourite pop culture properties and they are slick.

The show is called “Info•Rama” and features the work of Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen and Matt Taylor. It opens June 24 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, and these are the first three pieces.

Here’s “The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire,” regular and variants by Kevin Tong.

This is “The Batmobile” by Tom Whalen.

And this is “The Avengers” by Matt Taylor. These are all 24 x 91cm screenprints.

Info•Rama was formed in 2014 by Tong and Whalen as a way to combine art and learning. Their first show was much more science based (you can see a bunch of the science, nature. and space themed work at this link) and now, teaming with Mondo, they have gone pop culture.

“Since it launched, the Info•Rama project from Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen has been one of our favourite new developments in the poster world,” said Mondo creative director Mitch Putnam. “We were excited to bring their illustrative infographic approach to our film properties, and adding Matt Taylor to the show was an incredible bonus.”

“Our film properties.” So basically any movie Mondo has made a poster for may become one of these infographics in the show. The possibilities boggle the mind.

Info•Rama opens from 7-10:00 pm on June 24 and remains on display through July 9 at the Mondo Gallery, 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, Texas. Get more info on the Mondo and Info•Rama sites.