Smash Your Foes With This Massive, 4500-Brick LEGO Hammer From Overwatch

Alright, so the Red Dwarf LEGO set from yesterday didn't do it for you. You'd prefer something that isn't just an idea. Something solid. Heavy. Existent. Fair enough. How about this 4500-brick rocket hammer from Blizzard's Overwatch?

Constructed by "ZaziNombies" (by request), the hammer is about as close to the real thing as you could expect, considering it's made entirely from LEGO (and not rockets, metal or pixels).

Here's a 3D modelled replica of the hammer, which is wielded in-game by the character of Reinhardt:

Images: Kate McK-ArtSpot

Though it's not as solid as one would like — if you what the video carefully at about the 48-second mark, you'll notice a few bricks fall off when it's used to smash the cups on the ground.

Short of glue, or I dunno, titanium LEGO, it's to be expected.

[YouTube, via Nerd Approved]

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