Sleep Kills In The First Trailer For Rooster Teeth’s Post-Apocalyptic Drama Day 5

Video: It’s a general rule of thumb that apocalyptic events suck. I mean, it does mean that it’s the end of civilisation as we know it, billions of people die. They’re shitty times! But I would take any apocalypse — zombie, nuclear warfare, invasion of gorilla scientists from the moon — before one where the greatest gift of all, sleeping, is fatal.

Such is the premise of Rooster Teeth’s first dramatic series Day 5, where the world is thrown into chaos after an unknown epidemic causes people in unconscious states to die. The series follows a drug addict (Jesse C. Boyd), a sullen teenager (Walker Satterwhite), a night shift doctor (Stephanie Drapeau) and a redeye pilot (Davi Jay) in a race to not just survive the world left behind but to figure out a cure before they either give in to perpetual slumber or their bodies shut down from sleep deprivation.

Day 5‘s first episode (in a series of six) is set to release for Rooster Teeth subscribers on June 19.