NBN ‘Copper Guru’ Jobs Advertised In Ireland

NBN ‘Copper Guru’ Jobs Advertised In Ireland

Recruiter OneIRC Australia is advertising in Ireland for people keen to “bring the family and stay in one spot or travel across the country” working on the NBN’s copper infrastructure.

We’re talking full time positions for three years — at $75,000 a year — for “Copper Jointers and Copper Gurus” on “Australia’s largest telecommunications project”.

According to SMH, the Communication Workers Union is calling the ad a pitch to Irish backpackers with National Secretary Greg Rayner accusing the government of sending NBN jobs offshore, stating “This is Australia’s biggest job creating infrastructure project and with youth unemployment over 10 per cent we need these job here and now.”

The workers are “expected to have a high level of understanding of the Telecommunications infrastructure” as well as skills in reading plans and jointing copper cabling.

The National Broadband Network is currently in the processing of increasing its workforce to 9000 people in its pursuit to connect eight million homes by 2020.

With interviews advertised to be held in Ireland “in June”, a spokesperson for NBN denies involvement, saying “nbn has not advertised internationally for roles, but we have advertised locally to encourage Australians to look at work opportunities with our construction companies.”

We have contacted the Principal Consultant OneIRC for more information about who the company the advertisement is for, believed at this stage to be a contractor for NBN. The OneIRC website is currently a Crazy Domains holding page, and the company doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter presence.