Japan's New Godzilla Looks Monstrously Beautiful In This New Art Book

Japan's New Godzilla Looks Monstrously Beautiful in This New Art Book

The one thing that stands out about the new King of the Monsters on display in Shin Godzilla is how goddamn weird it looks. It's recognisably Godzilla, but all gnarled and messed up in a way that looks quite unlike any take on Godzilla we've seen before. Which is why it's always so fascinating to see, even in artwork.

This early concept piece for the movie — which will be known as Godzilla: Resurgence when it hits Western shores — is by Japanese icon Mahiro Maeda, who's done concept work for everything from Kill Bill and Neon Genesis Evangelion, to even Mad Max: Fury Road. Found by Kaiju fansite Skreeonk, the art is part of an upcoming concept book in Japan that gathers art from Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's upcoming movie, the first Godzilla film out of Japan in over a decade.


It's good to know that even in this earliest of concepts, Shin Godzilla was up for making its star look as scary and messed up as possible. If you're interested in picking up the massive book, The Art of Shin Godzilla is available to preorder from Hobby Link Japan ahead of an August release — it will set you back a whopping 9,800 yen though, around $US90 ($122). Worth it for glorious Godzilla art though, no?

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