Jaguar Is Lighting Up Its First SUV At Vivid Sydney

You can check out the F-PACE, Jaguar’s first SUV, at Martin Place where it'll be all kinds of lit up for the Vivid festival of lights.

The whole setup is, like most things at Vivid, shining a bunch of interesting lights on the subject with the addition of a diamond-shaped wall behind it, and it looks like the goal here is to create something of a depth-defying, moving optical illusion.

Anthony Pellizzari, technical project manager at Technical Direction Company, talking about the 3D modelling of the car that took place in order to be able to precisely project lights onto it:

“This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our technical skills in mapping geometric objects. The added dimension of surrounding the car with LED really adds depth of field, and complete automation really lets us stretch our technical skills. We are really happy with the results.”

I imagine if you were actually interested in the car, you'd probably want the fancy lights off. That's the real art: Irony. You can check it out until June 18th.

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