Inspecting A Property This Weekend? Check In With This App To Save Time

In an attempt to make the entire soul destroying process of inspecting a property a little more bearable, Domain Check-in is a service borrowing heavily from the simple mobile check-in process of flying. Now instead of lining up to give the agent your details, you can register your details once via your smartphone, browse properties for sale, add them to the inspection planner and automatically generate an inspection pass.

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When arriving at an inspection, those details will sync with the agent's phone, meaning there's no need to queue to give names and contact details at each home viewed. All information available about the property being inspected is also available at your fingertips in the app.

"People are used to seamless mobile registration processes in other industries, so we're excited to bring the property market up to the same standards," said Domain's Chief Product Officer Damon Pezaro.

"Property hunters should be asking their agents to get on board with Domain Check-in to make their lives a whole lot easier," Pezaro added.

There are currently more than 3000 agencies across Australia with their listings added to the service.

Nick Deflorio is a real estate agent from Belle Property in Mosman who trialled Domain Check-in with his buyers before its launch today. He says the app has "totally revolutionised" house inspections.

"It's much more efficient and enjoyable for everyone," Deflorio said. "Me included."

Domain Check-in is the latest feature added to Domain's mobile app suite, available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear. It joins other recent additions to the suite like Facebook Messenger Chat Bots, integrations with Google Now, Voice Commands and access to information on School Zones.

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