How You Can Make Your House Look Like It’s From The Future

How You Can Make Your House Look Like It’s From The Future

It’s impossible to predict what the future looks like – while Back To The Future got many things right, aesthetics wasn’t one of them. One safe assumption, however, is that technology will be integral to the home of the future. If you want a house that looks like it’s from the future, it’s best to look at technology rather than styling.

It’s also a safe bet that much of the technology in future homes will be evolutions of current technology. Technology’s role in the home has been growing as long as there have been houses — it’s how we’ve gone from open flames to microwaves, and ice boxes to smart fridges. The trend here is in one direction — more features, and increasingly effortless ways of employing them.

We can see this trend in previous visions of future homes, like the Alison and Peter Smithson house. Designed in the 1950s, the home sought to represent what a house in the 1980s would look like. It was jam packed with technology new and rare in the 1950s — colour televisions, dishwashers and air conditioning — but those were all appliances that were common by the 1980s.

Most of the items in that futuristic home weren’t new, they were just better.

You can try this in your own home. Looking around, what would improve your life if automated? Kitchen appliances that can talk to each other, robots that clean your house, these are all more than possible nowadays. As are smart blinds — an easy way to control the look, privacy, and temperature of your home.

Luxaflex custom-made SoftShades collection powered with PowerView Motorisation, for example, allow you to create “scenes” for your home — different combinations of window coverings and positions. Easily created and controlled through the PowerView app, you can have different scenes in various rooms, to meet different light and privacy needs throughout the day. You can even schedule it all to simplify your life.

Just like all great smart home technology that has come before, Luxaflex window coverings are just better versions of what has come before. Automated, connected, stylish. Through the app you can easily control your blinds from wherever you happen to be — on the couch, at work, or on a beach somewhere. Your shades are never more than a few taps away. You can even connect your blinds to motion and location sensors, weather stations and much more. Have your shades automatically react when it’s too cold or hot, when you’re home or away.

This is how you create a home that looks like it’s from the future.

PowerView Motorisation is available from Luxaflex Window Fashions dealers and David Jones stores across Australia.