Hot Toys’ Force Awakens Han Solo Is The Grumpiest Harrison Ford Figure Ever Made

Hot Toys’ Force Awakens Han Solo Is The Grumpiest Harrison Ford Figure Ever Made

Look at that face. That is the face of an action figure that has had enough of this shit.

Hot Toys, makers of extraordinarily detailed and expensive action figures, has finally unveiled a duo many fans were waiting for in their Force Awakens range: Han Solo and Chewbacca, older, wiser, and now 1:6th scale-ier than ever before. And in Han’s case, definitely grumpier, which an excellent head sculpt that captures Harrison Ford in the middle of one of his sternest glares.

They will also be available individually for people who would prefer not to cripple their wallets in a single blow, but the bundle of the duo includes a few extra bonuses — specifically, a few bonus thermal detonators to recreate Chewie blasting an opening to Starkiller Base’s reactor for the Resistance pilots. Aside from that, both individual figures come with oodles of bonuses. The usual bonus hands to be expected with Hot Toys toys are there, as are Han’s trusty DL-44 and Chewbacca’s bowcaster.

But Han also comes with his overcoat and scarf for braving the frozen surface of Starkiller base on top of his normal jacket from the film, while Chewbacca, rather cutely, gets a much smaller accessory: the bandage he gets wrapped around his arm after being shot escaping from the Rathtars.

Together or alone, they’re fantastic looking toys — but maybe Han’s grimacing because he’s looked at his own price tag. These two are expected to be available near the end of the year, and if they’re anything like Hot Toys’ previous Han and Chewie figures, you can expect to pay around $US230 ($303)-$US250 ($329) for them individually, or a whopping $US480 ($632) for the bundle.

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