Here's The Fastest Way To Defrost Your Car Windshield, According To Science

Here's the Fastest Way to Defrost Your Car Windshield According to Science

If you've ever driven a car that's parked outside in winter, you'll know it's frigid as hell inside your car and the windshield can be totally opaque from all the foggy arse frost. Not cool. How do you get rid of it? Hit the defrost button right? That's not all. The always inquisitive Mark Rober tested out every combination on how to defrost your windshield and came up with a way that is twice as fast as other methods. That means you'll get a clear windshield in half the time.

Watch the video below to see Rober explain what he is trying to achieve and how he conducts his experiments (it's really fascinating) and the results are truly impressive but the nut of it is rather simple:

  1. Turn heater on at full blast
  2. Turn AC on
  3. Turn off the inside air circulation
  4. Crack open the windows

Turning on the windshield defroster is obvious, right? But definitely check out the video because Rober has some tips that would speed up the defogging process even more.

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