Here's (Probably) The Fastest F1 Pit Stop Ever

F1 pit stops are fast. If you're Lewis Hamilton or Daniel Ricciardo or Fernando Alonso and you're waiting for over three seconds for your tires to get changed and your front and rear wings' aerodynamic config to be tweaked, something is seriously wrong with your pit crew. In fact, the fastest Formula 1 pit stop is well under two seconds, and last Sunday's race in Azerbaijan may well have been the shortest pit stop yet.

The only question around whether this is the fastest ever pit stop centres around the recording of previous pit stops; Red Bull's own timing, for example, says that a Mark Webber stop in Austin 2013 was the fastest ever. DHL's Fastest Pit Stop Award has been the most official judging metric for some time now, so we're happy calling Williams' effort last Sunday the best ever. Here it is in cut-down form from both outside and inside the cockpit, if the original 30 second video was too long for you to watch:

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