Harley Quinn And Catwoman Become Biker Barbies With Tonner's 'Gotham City Garage' Dolls

For the past few years, DC Collectibles has released a "Gotham City Garage" range of statues, redesigns of DC's female heroes and villains by Dustin Nguyen that re-imagined them as tattooed bikers. Now high-end doll maker Tonner is getting its hands on the designs, and basically turning them into Biker Barbies. Due for release next month, the 41cm-tall dolls are based on Nguyen's designs for Harley Quinn and Selina Kyle, but instead of being solid statues, they have fancy tailored threads and poseable limbs — actually much more moveable than your average Barbie, despite the other similarities.

They're a bit out there for a doll design — but they're not the first DC dolls made by Tonner, who has turned its hands to the similar statue line (and current awesome digital comic) Bombshells, and even DC-themed costumes for its other lines of dolls. But still, it's a bit weird to take the Biker designs and... not give them a bike to go with it?

Sadly, that would make these dolls even more expensive than they already are. While they're not as pricey as the $US300 ($402) statues they're based on, at $US175 ($235) apiece, Harley and Catwoman will cost you a pretty penny if you want them. Maybe stick to the DC Superhero Girls if you're looking for something more affordable for your kids (or the kids at heart).

[Entertainment Earth via Nerdist]

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