Finally: A Keyboard For PC Gaming From Your Lounge (Or Bed)

Finally: A Keyboard For PC Gaming From Your Lounge (Or Bed)

This. This right here is what I have been waiting for. The first product in Rocaat’s new Sova Gaming Board family is here, and it is especially made for gaming from your lounge, bed, or basically anywhere without access to a regular desk setup.

It has cushioned padding beneath, an ergonomic palm rest, and “ideal” weight distribution and size — ultimately the Sova is designed to be so comfy in your non-conventional gaming space you’ll forget you’re using it.

No longer will gaming from the loungeroom be confined to consoles, mean sitting ridiculously close to your TV with wired peripherals or attempting to balance a regular wireless keyboard on a pillow on your lap. (Yes, I have done all of these. Yes, I am excited to never again).

The Sova will come in both membrane and mechanical keyboard varieties, with two USB ports, a mouse cable channel, exchangeable built-in mousepad, variety of user-integrated options, and a focus on comfort so you can forget it’s been hours and you should really be leaving for work.

The Sova Membrane will be available on 31 August for $299.95 with a free all new Rocaat Kova gaming mouse as part of a preorder bundle you can put your cash down on now at EB Games.