Embrace Your Inner Crazy Cat Person With This Kitty-Carrying Hoodie

Inspired by marsupials like kangaroos, Unihabitat's new Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie comes with an oversized pocket on the front and dangling pom-poms for entertaining a kitty. It's sure to take you one dangerous step closer to becoming the crazy cat person you're always mocking.

The hoodie's sleeveless design is engineered to be cool and comfortable for summer use, when you'd actually want to be out and about with your cat. The over-sized front pouch can hold up to 7kg, so it can also be used with small dogs, very small children or even filled with groceries in a pinch. And it has an easy-to-remove liner that can be cleaned independent of the rest of the hoodie in case your cat decides to mark its new territory.

The Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie is available from Amazon Japan for about $US48 ($65), but if you want to have one shipped outside of Japan you'll either need to find a place that exports stuff like this or wait for a clothing store in your country to eventually stock it. Just trying to cram your cat into the front pockets of a regular hoodie is almost certainly not a recommended alternative.

[Unihabitat via My Modern Met]

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