DC's Metro Should Probably Just Take A Few Months Off

Washington DC's subway is scheduled to be shut down for an extended period of time to deal with a slew of deferred maintenance. But after today's service problem — literal waterfalls in one station — maybe DC's Metro needs a holiday sooner than that. Swimming home from work in DC. (Images: @SenoritaDez)

Due to very heavy rain, commuters at the Cleveland Park station were greeted with water cascading down the stairs and onto the platform. Trains continued to arrive and depart, with people wading through the underground pools to get in and out of the station.

Finally the station was closed to passengers. Riders were shocked but seemed to be taking it all in stride, making plenty of jokes.

See, when you've been beaten down this long, you have to use humour to cope. Luckily, when your subway stop is flooding, no one can see your tears.


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