Converse Has Modernised The Classic All Stars After 96 Years

Converse Has Modernised The Classic All Stars After 96 Years

Last year Converse redesigned its iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers for the first time in almost 100 years. The new version of the kicks went over so well that now Converse is updating its classic All Stars too with a modern take that replaces the canvas uppers with a lightweight and breathable knitted material.

Don’t point a finger and accuse Converse of stealing Nike’s Flyknit material, though. Back in 2003, Nike bought converse after it filed for bankruptcy, so the the two companies are now one and the same, and free to share each other’s technologies and designs.

Converse Has Modernised the Classic All Stars After 96 Years

Available in both hi-top and low-cut styles, the Converse All Star Moderns are reminiscent of the originals from way back in 1920, but also feature Nike technology, including the breathable “Hyperfuse” fabric the sneaker giant uses in its running shoes, and a lightweight “Phylon” foam sole. The All Star Moderns come in your choice of five different colours accented with black toe caps, black laces, and black eyelets.

The new shoes are sure to be more durable than the canvas oldies, but jumping into the future is going to cost you. The All Star Moderns will be available starting on June 16; the hi-tops will set you back a hefty $US140 ($190) per pair, while the lo-tops will cost $US130 ($176). Apparently premium pricing is another feature Converse has adopted from its parent company.

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