Bryston Made A Turntable, And It Is Extra Fancy

Bryston has a turntable. This might not sound like a big deal, but it was only a year ago the audio specialist said that turntables would never be designed by the company. A change of mind has occurred and oh, wow, the result is stunning.

At $4,999 (I told you it is fancy!) the BLP-1 promises impeccable sound quality and unique design, exceptional speed stability and mitigating resonances, to dispel any unwanted noise whilst still maintaining the best possible vinyl playback.

This being its first turntable, Bryston have pulled out all stops on integrating a specially designed Pulse Width Modulation power supply (PWM), which powers the BLP-1 motor and holds it to exceptionally accurate 331/3RPM and 45 RPM. PWM helps keep your turntable from overheating and keeps your motor and overall system running efficiently.

Keeping speed adjustments to 331/3 and 45 RPM, you have the ability to listen to larger 12 inch discs for up to 30 minutes listening time on each side, plus a slower speed to appreciate each pluck of the guitar string.

The tonearm features a seven-segment titanium low speed, high torque motor to achieve perfect belt tension and coupling to platter with added noise.

There's no need to worry if there will be any interference with your delicious audio, since Bryston has also included a unique vented plinth to eliminate platter turbulence and prevent vibration from reaching the bearing. Oh, and the spindle is made from hardened carbon steel. Unf.

And have I mentioned it's pretty? Because it is pretty. Sleek matte black pretty, in fact.

If you have a spare 5k to drop on a turntable, you can pick up the BLP-1 from today.

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