Belkin's New USB-C Car Charger Can Also Recharge Your Laptop

As USB Type-C gadgets start to get more popular, the need to charge them remains. Belkin has a new car charger that not only keeps your smartphone topped up, but it should be more than powerful enough for your smartphone or modern USB-C-toting laptop.

The new charger supports the USB-PD (Power Delivery) standard, which lets chargers and the devices they're connected to communicate to determine the fastest possible interoperable charging speed. Belkin's USB-C cables have internal chips, too, with USB-IF certification which means they'll safely deliver a charge of up to 100 Watts from a compatible charger.

The charger is notable mainly because of the fact that as well as its 5V 3A output (like most USB-C tablet and smartphone chargers), it also supports 9V 3A, which should make it compatible with any USB-PD laptop or convertible laptop-tablet hybrid like the Spectre X2 and Apple's MacBook.

As well as a charger capable of 27 Watts maximum throughput, you also get a 1.2-metre long USB Type-C to Type-C cable, which should be long enough to reach into the back seats of your car if your passengers need a battery boost. The USB-C Car Charger and Cable will cost $79.95 in Australia, and is already out now in JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Belkin's own online store. [Belkin]

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