Because The Words In That iMessage Just Weren't Good Enough

Weren't you just saying that iMessage would be so much better if it was less about words and more... well, more like Snapchat? No? Well, too bad. No, thank YOU

Sometimes it's not just what you say, it's how you say it that matters. Here are some things you'll now be able to do with iMessage's new features, announced today at WWDC 2016. Which are all vaguely Snapchatty in their way.

When "congrats" is the best word you can think of

Can't think of anything else to say? Just make it BIGGER!

When you really want to brag

"Invisible ink" makes your message look like it was submerged in beer until you swipe over.

When you really need to convey the importance of bringing chocolate

Up to three times more chocolate.

When you want to help market the next Disney film

What's next, a Pixar filter for your selfies?

When you want show your sincerest gratitude

Yes! You can scribble now. Everything just feels so much more real™.

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