Ask Gizmodo: Do I Need Telstra To Stream The State Of Origin?

Ask Gizmodo: Do I Need Telstra To Stream The State Of Origin?

Dear Gizmodo, I want to watch the State of Origin online as I have no TV at work. I am not a Telstra mobile customer so I CANNOT watch it using NRL Footy Pass. How can I watch it online in Australia? Arrrrgh, help me! There is nothing on the internet that clearly describes how to get it. I’d like to watch the games on my laptop, preferably for free. Thanks, Paul

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Dear Paul,

The good news is that you don’t need to be a Telstra mobile or landline customer to access the NRL Footy Pass. While Telstra owns the streaming rights to State Of Origin, its NRL Footy Pass can be purchased without a Telstra ID — all you need is a reliable WiFi connection and something to watch it on. The streaming service is compatible with most Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices.

The bad news is that the service isn’t free. The NRL Digital Pass app currently costs $2.99 per week, which gets you six live NRL matches (including State of Origin) each week. Alternatively, you can purchase a yearly pass which costs $89.99. Both plans provide the first week for free.

If you’re only interested in State of Origin, you can watch tonight’s match for free, deactivate your account and then sign up again on 13 July — for a total expenditure of $2.99.

You can sign up for the NRL Digital Pass here.


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