Apple Is Trying To Do What Google Photos Already Does

Hmmm, a photo tool that uses face recognition, can be easily searched and plots all your geotagged photos onto maps? Where have I heard all this before?

At today's WWDC 2016, Apple announced a few Photos features that gave us a serious case of deja vu. That's because Google Photos already does pretty much the exact same stuff, and with Google's brain baked-in, it will be very hard for Apple to top it.

Here's the part Apple proposed today that might be a bit more interesting. Using face recognition, Photos can determine that you've been documenting a particular event with particular group of people, and it will then organise them together into "Memories".

Then, Photos will make you a slideshow of that Memory, using all photos and videos from a particular time, and you can even add generic music that's categorised "uplifting" or "epic". Not saying that anyone is gonna use this, but it's there.

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