Anthony Hopkins Has Joined Transformers 5, And Yes You Read That Correctly

This just in: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Oscar winner and veteran thespian of stage and screen, has joined the cast of Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie, which is titled Transformers: The Last Knight. Since his joining the cast is all we know, we're just going to go ahead and make the obvious stupid conclusion.

The Last Knight. With Sir Anthony Hopkins. Come on. It has to be, right? Image: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Even if we're wrong, what's clear is that Hopkins is having a ripping good time as he approaches his 80th birthday. In the past five years, he's played Odin (twice), Hitchcock, Methuselah, a mad scientist (in RED 2) and will soon be seen as Westworld's overlord. This latest choice might seem a bit like a lazy cash grab rather than an acting challenge — but he's a goddamn legend at this point.

Let the guy co-star with Mark Wahlberg and battle some giant robots... maybe while wielding a sword. Why the hell not?


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