You Can Change The 2016-17 Federal Budget To Suit Your Income And Interests

On paper, at least. This year's Budget includes a tool that lets any Australian customise their own particular economic overview, with personalised information on income tax raises or windfalls, as well as bespoke information on business investments or personal interests.

On the Budget website, any individual or business is able to enter a few details — like age, income and dependents — to have specific sections of the tranche of documents recommended for their reading Individuals, too, can enter their superannuation details to see how they are affected.

The new tool from the government's Treasury department then gives direct links to break-out sections of the 2016-17 Budget papers. Here's what a middle-earning ($87,000) Australian with full-time employment and an interest in technology, innovation and start-ups is directed to educated themselves about.

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