Would Fixed Taxi Fares Lure You Away From Uber?

Would Fixed Taxi Fares Lure You Away From Uber?

Ingogo recently announced its new “fixed fares” platform for taxis, which is available from today. The bookings company says that uncertainty about cost is a major factor for passengers utilising ride-share services instead.

There are a lot of issues with cabs that can’t be solved with an app, but at least now with Ingogo you will see how much the trip will cost before you book. If you accept that fare, that’s exactly what you’ll be charged at the end of the trip; no meters, no surge pricing, no estimates and no hidden surprises.

“With the launch of Fixed Fares, we’ve addressed the key concern that passengers report; the uncertainty of price.” Hamish Petrie, CEO of Ingogo, said. “Where once passengers would nervously check the meter throughout the trip, now they can sit back with the comfort of knowing exactly how much they will pay at the end of the trip.”

This video shows how it works:

Is uncertainty of price a “key concern” to you? Or do you have bigger issues with taxis? Let us know in the comments below.