Wikimedia Is Running An Australian Photo Competition

Over 1200 amateur snappers have already submitted images to Wikimedia Australia's Wiki Loves Earth photography competition, which also serves as a conduit for Wikipedia to populate its massive catalogue of Australian articles. There's a week left in the competition, and a few small prizes are up for grabs alongside the general good karma of helping out the world's largest repository of knowledge.

Image Credit: Andrew Mykhaylyk / Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This is the first year that Australia is participating in Wiki Loves Earth, and the prize up for grabs is small but significant — the 10 most significant images win a $100 cash prize and have their entries forwarded to compete in the international round of judging, the prize for which last year was a paid trip to the Wikimania 2016 conference in Italy.

To enter the competition in its final week, you can submit an entry here — it must be at least two megapixels in resolution, of a protected or listed area within Australia, you must have taken it yourself, and the photo must be described and categorised according to Wikipedia's existing (high) standards. [Wiki Loves Earth]

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